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I'm in the Middle of a MAJOR Update of the website!! Please Stand By!

Welcome to my Corner of the NeT!


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Barney on a Winston Break

Light UP Be Happy!

Fred and Wilma on a Winston Break


I started my Homepage in 1993 on Sojourn Systems!(Sojourn sold out to ACD I think)
In 1996 I moved my site to Modempool. The LAST time I modified my web page it was April of 1997!

So now that it is 2007 I figured ITS TIME FOR AN UPDATE!

My Likes.... Cartoons, Sci-Fi, Hockey, Genealogy, Legos, Guns and of Course Art.

My Company Sites Northwest Denture and Northwest Computer.

The old homepage had a slew of screen caps an such THATS ALL GONE So Don't Bother asking.

All the images on this NEW website are Either Hand Drawn, Computer Drawn, Pics of Me or Photos of Sculptures I've done. But some of these creations are Trade Marked Like Disney Stuff, Snoopy, Calvin & Hobbes, The Simpsons, The Flintstones, Lost in Space, Stargate, Star Trek, Ultraman Speed Racer, Lego are Trade Marks of their respective companies!

I don't Offer anything for sale here and any of the art I've made falls into Fair Use and again is not for sale.

That Said if you want to use ANY of my stuff I'd appreciate an Email See Below (You'll have to type it out)

All images on the site are at least 2000 x 1500 in their original format they've been sampled down for "Ease of Viewing"