This was off the

Official Simpson Site

You'll notice my shading is NOT as good as Matt Groening

But my versions of Bart are pretty Decent!!

My Bart
I drew this for a Lego Model I was making
I needed more of a perspective View
on the skateboard See Lego Page

 You'll Never see this on Futurama or the Simpsons! Altho
A Bart Simpson Doll did appear in a landfill on Futurama

I made this one for the Banquet Sign for the
Lumen Christy High School team party
check out the Hockey Page

The Simpsons Nude

The Pics on this link were done for

either the U of M Ann Arbor Naked Mile or were

Hand Drawn copies of the French Vizir Soap Ads

Which featured the family in the Buff!


I Made this Image for the 404 File Not Found
Error on my Home Webserver "Currently" the
URL for my webserver is


One of my many Hockey Themed cartoons!
Team Simpson is L-R Nelson Muntz, Kearney,
 Milhouse Mussolini VanHouten,
Corky James "Jimbo" Jones, Bartholomew Jo-Jo "Bart" Simpson and Lisa Marie Simpson
Lisa Holds Mr. Honey Bunnys Head! Bart's 2nd favorite toy next to Krusty the Clown!