The WWI Ace's Were all
Done for my Webpage

Another Ace

I did this one for an Event at

R.A.F Lakenheath in the UK

This is the Icon for the Intro to this page

I did Linus for a relative

I made this one for the Banquet Sign for the
Lumen Christy High School team party
check out the Hockey Page


Another Snoopy Hockey Player


Snoopy as Sherlock Holmes


Another Snoopy as Sherlock Holmes


I Did this one for Jackson High School in 1985

You have to LOVE your best friend!


This one was done in 1985 as well

Snoopy  on his way to play POND Hockey!

I redid the Snoopy Pond Hockey Pic with an
actual photo of the woods behind my house

This is a modified version
of the Snoopy Hockey Player

OK I'm having too much fun with the real
photos and the cartoons Here are Linus
and Snoopy Sleeping in my Living Room!

EVEN More fun with real Photos!!
This is my current Desktop at Home.

The WWI Flying ACE and his Trusty Sopwith Camel
The Sopwith Camel photo is courtesty of
The USAF Museum Dayton,OH

Sherlock Holmes at 221B Baker Street

Photograph Courtesy of Kjetil Bjørnsrud

The Sherlock Holmes Pub

Photo Courtesy of Kafziel