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The Bart Simpson Project

Bart Finished!!


A Little Trivia!
Bart Stands 3'5"!
Bart Weighs about 45#'s
So Far I've used

19,234 Bricks!!

And 104 days of HARD work!

Project was started


Clavin n' Hobbes
Watchin' the Tube

I made this lil' guy for

You can Click Any of the Images to See it on Iowa Bricks Web page



My StarGate SG1 Tribute


The Snoopy Project!

Originally I was going to do Snoopy as the WWI Flying Ace but I have a need for someplace to hang my stinky hockey equipment so it can air out! Snoopy is going to be my equipment caddy!!

So far I've laid the foundation for the head so I can figure how much Lego I need to make him and buy it this summer and start construction in time for hockey season!!