These are some character Faces I came up with
The Lower left with glasses was my "High School/Jr. High" Era self portrait


All the Toons Below I Drew from 1985 thru 1991 when I was in the Military.
The only modification I've made to them is they've been
relettered so they are easier to read. 

This One is of My Buddy Ray Ensign when I was in the USAF


Another one of Ray an Larry Calvert(Larry Schieb)
Larry painted AIRCRAFT but could not paint a car to save his ass!


Chris Davis was "GODS GIFT" to women Too bad they didn't know it!
This also features Lisa Wilson a Hydraulics repair tech.
She LOVED being depicted with "EEE" Boobs altho the Col. didn't approve!


Bill Jervis was a regular Beetle Bailey!
You could never see his eyes as his bangs hung down to his nose and Bill
An So is featured quite a few times in my drawings
BTW the Cartoon Bill is also Similar to the Cartoon version of Mike Wells



This is Me and "Staff Sgt ya know" Bob DiMattia
BOB CONSTANTLY Reminded EVERYONE of his rank
to the point of nauseaum even if you OUTRANKED HIM!



This was the Model Sheet I drew for my military self portraits
You'll notice I never used the Clean shaven one!!
Besides and my hair is now more like DiMattia's!