Joe's top Cartoon & Animation picks
and some original stuff too!

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Here are my Picks!


#1 Snoopy the King of Cool
(See My Snoopy Drawings)

WHAT Snoopy a SMOKER!?!? YES! Charles Schultz did draw Snoopy smoking See my Drawings I've recreated the Smoking Snoopy!

#2 Calvin and Hobbes (See My Calvin Drawings)

Calvin and Hobbes YES Watterson did draw Calvin Smoking and Streaking so don't email me about that one! BTW you won't find any "Calvin peeing on anything" as Calvin was never drawn that way!

#3 Bart Simpson (See My Bart Drawings)

Bart Has Done it ALL and then some! He also has a Vandalism streak "El Barto!" Gotta Luv Bart!

#4 Fred Flintstone (See My Flintstones Drawings)

What more can I say in the 1960's The Flintstones Sold Winston Cigarettes!!

#5 Moral Orel
Claymation at its finest! Click the Photo to visit Cartoon Networks Moral Orel Website! The show is way funny lots of hidden and blatant humor!!! It is a quasi spoof of Davey and Goliath. AND Like Bart Simpson Orel has DONE IT ALL, Including Smoking Crack, and Impregnating all the women on his block!!! WOW!! BTW this is only on 15 Minutes after Midnite BUT IS TOTALLY Worth Staying up for!
  #6 South Park Eric, Kyle, Stan, Kenny and Butters
South Park is a Hoot and Cartman is the funniest FAT ASS there is!

#7 Donald Duck
Really Donald?? YES Donald Smoked, he doesn't wear pants and Donald WAS A NAZI!!! Welll actually Donald PLAYED a NAZI in a WW2 Film as a Spoof on Hitler's Germany BUT ONLY Donald could have pulled this off!!

#8 Bender
"Kiss my Shiny Metal Ass" What More Needs to be said!

#9 Fairly Odd Parents (See My FOP Page)
  Speed Racer

Looney Tunes Bugs, Daffy, Roadrunner and Wylie Coyote (Super Genius) (See my Looney Tunes stuff)

My Original Art (Click Here)

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit (See my Oswald tribute)